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PCI's Value Proposition

Productivity Constructs, Inc (PCI) can help you turn your supply chain strategy into a competitive advantage. Productivity Constructs will assess your existing supply chain, recommend strategies that will reduce your operating cost and improve through put and help your organization develop, and formulate the most effective supply chain operations strategies for your organization.  We will work with your team to improve operational flows and efficiencies and create an effective  supply chain network that provides your organization with a distinct competitive advantage.  We will help you create an effective supply chain by providing the following;

      • Survey Customers and clients to identify gaps and improvement opportunities
      • Evaluate your current trading partners and recommend process and network improvements.
      • Assess and optimize information and process flows.
      • Evaluate speed and accuracy in terms of network efficiencies.
      • Implement metrics that provide a closed loop assessment of performance.
      • Structure the collaborative interaction processes for improved information flows.
      • Optimize the cash flow cycles to improve financial performance.
      • Apply agile, adaptive and sustainable practices resulting in best in class supply chain performance.

PCI will help you  globalize your supply chain services through cost reduction, profit improvement. and risk mitigation.  We will help your organization;

  • Understand the complexities and challenges of the Asian supply chain.
  • Optimize your existing relationships for improving Asian sourcing and supply chain efficiency.
  • Evaluate opportunities for joint ventures, mergers and/or acquisitions.
  • Develop a cost-effective strategy for the expansion of existing operations. 
  • Implement a unified Asian strategy