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Designing the perfect warehouse for optimal efficiency is an area where most consultants fear to tread. The devil is in managing myriad details, complicated by the fact that a design made at any point in time is obsolete prior to implementation and never the same for any two facilities-even within the same organization. Design flexibility is the key, anticipating the peak and average activity levels in each area such as receiving, put-a-way, picking, and order packing is the key to providing a flexible design that adapts with the changes in your business. While the process is exhaustively detail-laden, fortunately it can be accomplished in two phases—analysis and design—and managed by an experienced team.


Productivity Constructs, Inc. (PCI)

Now we have science saying it: management consultants add value. A formal study, sponsored by the World Bank and using a control group of factories as well as a treatment group, quantified the results. First year economic benefits exceeded the cost of the consulting—with later years’ benefits pure gravy.    


Creating Customer Value

Productivity Constructs is an independent warehouse design and consulting firm. Our   supply chain    consultancy is not affiliated with manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and providers of material handling and warehouse management and logistics and supply chain execution software.  As your lconsultant, systems designer, and partner, we promise to provide analysis, concepts, and solutions that are unbiased and specifically tailored to your requirements and best interests. 

From the research, it’s clear that clients do think consultants add value, but only when consultants operate in one of two distinct modes:

  • in specific, specialized areas where in-house expertise is scarce and where a consultant has in-depth knowledge and a wider range of experience to draw upon
  • on large-scale change projects where momentum needs to be created and sustained. 
           See the Blog on how consultanrs add value.

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Dr. Edward F. Knab

Dr. Edward Knab's 30 year professional career has been focused on the expansion of global supply chains through shifts in manufacturing technology shifts. He spent 20 years developing global supply chain solutions for the electronics, hardware, office products, and office furniture industries. Dr. Knab launched several independent businesses during his career which included ownership of a third-party logistics company, a foreign trade zone, and several global consulting organizations. Over the last seven years he has focused his attention on helping companies improve their productivity through improved manufacturing process management and leadership. As President of the Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants, Dr. Knab has considerable experience in the movement of goods through facilities this includes the use of advanced robotics and visioning systems, conveyor and shuttle systems, and other advanced transfer technologies. Knab is a proponent of ‘Systems Thinking’ and believes strongly that approaching material flow projects from a systems perspective yields the greatest results in terms of improved throughput. Currently, Dr. Knab is professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University and works closely with the Center of Aviation and Aerospace Leadership (CAAL).